Student Recruitment

Wofford College is following a strategic enrollment plan that focuses on improving academic quality, diversity and retention. 虽然美高梅官方app-apple app store -美高梅官方app苹果版下载v12.3.5-美高梅排行榜在这个领域有工作要做, we are working toward increasing and enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion. To that end, recruitment initiatives include:

American Talent Initiative (ATI)

A joint effort to increase substantially the number of talented low- and moderate-income students. Wofford joins ATI.

Test Optional Policy

Submission of ACT or SAT scores are optional for admission purposes. More about test optional policy.


Bonner Scholars

Wofford Bonner Scholars take a strong leadership role in the Spartanburg and college communities, tutoring children, teaching physically disabled to swim, running after-school programs and much more. The scholars participate in community service in exchange for their scholarships. More about Bonner Scholars.


Wofford’s generous financial aid transfer policy permits merit and need-based aid to transfer from the college to a Wofford-approved study abroad program for one semester. A number of scholarship and grant programs are available for study abroad opportunities. Learn more about scholarships for international study.


Nearly 15 percent of Wofford’s students are the first in their families to attend college. Over the past four years, Wofford has committed more than $1 million in scholarships for first-generation students, guaranteeing 20 such student s scholarships valued at $25,000 each year for each entering class. First-generation scholarships and Citizen Scholars Program.

Application Fee Waivers

Application fees can be waived under certain circumstances. Fee waiver details.

Wofford Student Body Profile

student body profile
1,725 students
40 states and 25 countries represented
53% female and 47% male
55% in-state and 45% out-of-state
20% non-white/international
18% Pell eligible
17% first-generation
24 religious viewpoints reported
377 athletes (including fall and spring sports)

For more information:

Arsenio O. Parks
Senior Assistant Director
Director of Diversity and Inclusion